Autumn décor tips for your dining room table

Welcome the season and make the most of this colourful time of year by decorating every part of your home. Here are some autumn décor tips for your dining room table. With the right autumn flowers and accessories, you can transform your dining room completely.

Follow nature’s lead

Nature has everything you need to spruce up your dining room table. The first autumn décor tip to keep in mind is to turn to nature for inspiration. Each season is associated with different colours. For this time of year, the top colours include orange, dark red, mustard yellow, dark green and brown. You don’t need to use all of these colours, but you should combine at least two or three. You can also add some off-white accents in order to create some contrast.


While summertime is bright and the days are long, autumn is not as bright. You could use some extra light at the dinner table and candles are perfect. You can include candles in your fresh flower arrangement if you like. You can also add some accessories around your candles to highlight the autumn décor theme. Some accessories include cinnamon sticks, pine ones, acorns and similar items.

Tablecloth and placemats

Make sure that you choose the appropriate tablecloth and placemats that will stand out against the colour of the tablecloth. When choosing this type of autumn décor, you might like a darker tablecloth and you can always add an orange table runner to reflect the season. Placemats in the same colour as the table runner will also look great. If you use a dark green tablecloth, you can use an orange table runner and brown placemats, for example.


Don’t forget about adding some small pumpkins here and there! Pumpkin is always associated with autumn décor and you could even use a hollowed out pumpkin instead of a flower vase if you like. Mini pumpkins can be set along the centre of the table if you like.

If you want to add something extra, you can also scatter a few autumn leaves in between the rest of your autumn décor. These leaves can be replaced from time to time if they become too brittle and start to break.