Potted Christmas tree care guidelines

If you are considering ordering a potted Christmas tree this year, it’s important to know that it will need the right care. Just like any potted plant, there are several guidelines to be followed if you want your tree to grow and thrive. With the right care, you will be able to enjoy this tree for many years to come.

Moving indoors

If you have a potted Christmas tree from a year or two prior, you may have decided to place it outside during the warmer months. However, as soon as the festive season approaches, you should bring it inside so that you can make the most of its beauty. Remember, these trees are quite accustomed to the cold so you do not want to keep them indoors for more than 12 days.

When to water

Your potted Christmas tree will need to be watered regularly in order to ensure that it thrives. During the warmer months, you will need to water more often than in winter. The best way to check if your plant needs water is by inserting your finger into the soil – about 1 inch deep. If the soil feels dry, it’s time to water. If it is still moist, you can wait a few more days before checking again. Water your plant until the water runs out of the drainage holes and allow the water to drain away before you place the plant back on the drip tray and back in its display location.

Avoid sources of heat

While we may enjoy sitting near a fireplace or other source of heat, your potted Christmas tree will not. Avoid placing it near any heaters, radiators or other sources of heat or you could end up drying the plant out.

Moving to your garden

Once your potted Christmas tree grows to a height of 5 feet, you will find it difficult to move around which is why you should consider planting it in your garden. Make sure that you account for future growth so that the branches do not disturb your house or encroach on your neighbour’s property.

Even if you plant your potted Christmas tree in the garden, you can still decorate it for the holidays. You will most likely need a ladder but you can use some outdoor lights, for example, and other decorations to add some festive décor to the exterior of your home.