Christmas gifts for your co-workers

Many businesses enjoy the fun tradition of Secret Santa around the holidays. It’s a great way of spreading some holiday cheer in the work place and it also helps everyone feel like they are part of the family. When choosing Christmas gifts for your co-workers, you might feel a bit lost at first. Obviously you do not want to send something too intimate or inappropriate. Which is why these gifts are sure winners.

Fresh flowers

A gorgeous fresh bouquet is an excellent Secret Santa gift. You can shop for these Christmas gifts online and have them delivered directly to the recipient. You can ask the florist to keep your name off the card and simply sign it ‘From Your Secret Santa’. Remember to check out the Christmas flowers section for the best festive bouquets.

Luxury hampers

If you prefer something of the edible variety, chocolate hampers, chocolate bouquets, wine and cheese baskets or even whisky crates are all excellent options. Of course, there is always a budget set for Secret Santa gifts so make sure that you stick to it! Like a fresh flower delivery, luxury hampers can also be delivered anonymously directly to the recipient. When choosing one of these Christmas gifts, make sure that you take the time to check the contents of the hamper before proceeding to the check out. You want to make sure that you are happy with the contents before placing your order.

Have a laugh

Gag Christmas gifts are very popular in the working environment. Laughing is extremely therapeutic and, given the stress we are all under at the end of the year, a good laugh is something we could all use. So, if there is a gag gift that you can send that will cause a laugh but not too much embarrassment, it’s usually a winner.

Something practical

We all have that one special co-worker who loses their pen on a regular basis. Or perhaps they are the pen thief! Either way, for this kind of person, you could buy them a beautiful pen set or even a box of pens (as a gag). Practical Christmas gifts are often the most memorable of all and they will be loved for many years to come.

Gift vouchers

If you are terrible at picking out Christmas gifts, then vouchers are your best friend. This is also a safe option if your Secret Santa gift recipient is new to the company or you simply do not know them all that well.

No matter what type of Christmas gifts you choose, remember to always be as kind, thoughtful and considerate as possible. Avoid sending alcohol to anyone who does not or might not drink. If you are unsure, you can always ask around or play it safe by opting for an alcohol free gift.