Planting Perennials and Ground Covers

What is the difference between an annual and a perennial? People ask this question every year when planting flowers in their gardens. The best way to remember is that annual taxes have to done every year and a perennial is a like a perennial problem which keeps coming back year after year. However there are some powerful perennials flowers out there that will return year after year and spread. This will help to reduce weeds and soil erosion.

A well designed and looked after perennial garden can provide joy, life and colour for many years. The spring will start with the blooms of Basket of Gold Alyssum, then on to summer’s Stella de Oro Daylily and Shasta Daisies before rounding off with Autumn’s Joy Sedums. These flowers offer our gardens colour all year round and require less maintenance, less water and fewer problems with pests and bugs.

Perennials can serve as borders along your fences and require less irrigation and maintenance than turf grass. The perennials are a great thing to have on walls and fences. They are a good companion for trees and shrubs and help in the sale of your home if you are considering selling up. Whether the flowers are planted in a sunny spot or moist shades there are perennials to suit all conditions. They will also impress your friends, family and neighbours by making your garden look spectacular.

Here are some tips to bear in mind when planting perennial flowers:

  • Choose the location in your garden and check when the flowers blooming times occur.

  • Check how dominant plant roots are in your garden.

  • When planting the flowers consider the sun, shade, wind, soil type and water source.

  • Plan out your garden design on paper before beginning to plant.

  • Prepare a list of desired plants with heights and spread, blooming time and colour.

  • Add an organic matter to improve soil quality if needed to help with drainage and aeration.