Florist secrets everyone should know

When you receive a fresh flower delivery or even when you walk past your local florist, you will notice that their bouquets have a way of looking impeccable. How do florists manage to get their flowers looking so amazing? Here are a few florist secrets you should know.

Shine up those leaves

It’s not only about the flowers when it comes to creating beautiful bouquets. If you want your arrangement to look it’s best, use some leaf shine spray to make your foliage stand out and look its best. This is perfect for getting rid of water spots and helps prevent dust from gathering on leaves too.

Cold bath before arranging

No, you don’t need to take a cold bath before you get to work but your flowers can use a cool drink. By allowing your flowers to soak up some fresh, cold water, they will last that much longer once beautifully arranged.

No more dirty nails

This is one of the best florist secrets of all. If you work with flowers on a regular basis, you will notice that your nails may start looking quite grubby. Scrubbing them with harsh chemicals just to clean up every day is not going to help in the long run. Get rid of the gunk without harming your hands by cleaning your nails with toothpaste instead! Whitening toothpaste is particularly effective and you will enjoy best results if you allow the toothpaste to sit on your nails for about 10 minutes before rinsing.

Ice to water orchids

Orchids love humid environments and they require some (but not too much) water. To keep them happy without much effort, florists place ice cubes on the surface of the potting soil. The ice melts slowly to keep the orchid happy. It’s these kinds of florist secrets that keep all those plants looking so fresh and cared for when you buy them.

Delay blooming

While some people want flowers to bloom faster, florists may wish to delay the process. Fuji nets are perfect for keeping peonies in partial bud form until you are ready to let them open up and show off their full beauty. Positioning these nets can be tricky so, when trying these sorts of florist secrets, make sure that you handle your flowers with care.

Checking from all angles

When arranging a bouquet, it can be difficult to view from all sides. You will find a mirror particularly handy when creating balanced and beautiful flower displays. You don’t need to spin your vase or flower stand around as many times to ensure perfection. This is one of the best florist secrets for anyone trying to improve their designs while speeding up the process.

Spray wax

This product is excellent for keeping flower arrangements looking fresh and hydrated. It is particularly handy during the warmer months of the year when flowers and foliage tend to become dehydrated much quicker.

These are just a few of the best florist secrets that you can do at home to make your bouquets more beautiful, longer-lasting and make flower arranging that much easier. The more you practice, the more your skills will improve and you will come up with secrets of your own.