Christmas tree care tips

While some families wait until a few days before Christmas to purchase and decorate their tree, others prefer to purchase it in early December. Decorating your Christmas tree is a fun activity but it also requires time and effort. That’s why so many people like to decorate early and make the most of the season. If you want to keep your tree fresh, here are some care tips.


Trunk trimming

If your tree arrives wrapped, it’s best to leave it on until you’ve had a chance to cut the trunk. It’s generally a good idea to cut about a half inch from the trunk. Make sure you cut straight and not at an angle like you would with fresh flowers.


Select the correct media

It is important to choose the right support if you want to extend the life of your tree. It should be the right size and include a bucket so you can water and feed your Christmas tree. This is quite similar to the way we care for fresh cut flowers. When choosing a tree, you should bring the stand with you or at least make sure the tree you choose is the right size for the stand. If you prefer, you can purchase a new stand for your new tree.


Regular watering

As mentioned above, it is important that your stand has a warehouse. Like cut flowers, your Christmas tree is a living plant and needs water. The water level in the tank should always be just above the base of the trunk. When the water level drops, you need to refill it to avoid dehydration.


Add the sugar

Again, just like fresh flowers, your Christmas tree can benefit from some food. Make your tree happy by adding a little sugar to the water. Make sure to dissolve some sugar in warm water before adding it to the water tank. If you prefer, you can also purchase a special product designed for tree maintenance. It’s very similar to the supply of flowers you get when you get a flower delivery.


Choose the right place

Your tree may look great at a certain angle, but keep in mind that conditions may not be ideal. There are some conditions that can shorten the lifespan of the tree. Heat from a fireplace or radiator can cause the tree to dry out faster. A spark from a wildfire can also cause a dead tree to catch fire, which is obviously something everyone wants to avoid. Therefore keep away from heat sources.


Finally, don’t forget to carefully inspect your Christmas tree before purchasing it. If you hit the tree trunk on the ground and a lot of pine needles fall, this tree is already dry enough and you will have to look for another one.