Make your own festive floral picks

Floral picks are a wonderful accessory for all flower arrangements. These picks can help enhance the appearance as well as the theme of the bouquet. So, when you want to make sure that a bunch of flowers has that festive touch, you can do so by adding the right pick.


Find a few small silk poinsettias and use floral tape to secure their stems to a strong plastic or wooden pick. Green floral tape is best because it will help conceal the pick itself. Add one or more of these picks to make any arrangement perfect for Christmas.


Gold and silver stars also make great Christmas accessories. If you want something that has that handmade touch, look for gold or silver stars made from some kind of wire. The wire structure also makes it easier to secure them to a pick. Remember, gold looks best with red and silver looks particularly lovely when paired with blue.

Reindeer, Snowmen, or Santa

These are three of the most popular holiday decorations. Find a wooden, puzzle-like reindeer, snowman, or Santa and secure it to a pick. You might prefer using a glue gun for this particular craft. If you want to make your own from scratch, you could use fabric or even paper mache. Insert the pick inside the design to make it even more secure.

Mistletoe or Holly

Like poinsettia picks, you can attach mistletoe or holly to a pick using floral foam and add it to any bouquet.


You could even make your own festive letters. For example, you can create a pick consisting of several branches. Each branch can hold a different letter so you can spell out words like ‘Jolly’ or ‘Merry Xmas’. Make your own letters using thick cardboard covered with holiday wrapping paper or painted and coated with glitter.

Finally, don’t forget that these picks are also great for your Christmas tree and gifts. If you use wire insead of a wood or plastic pick, you can wrap the wire around a branch of your Christmas tree or secure it to a gift bag or box.