Delightful autumn wreath ideas

Autumn is here and it’s time to make the most of all the fantastic seasonal colours that surround us. Some might think of summer as the most abundant season, but autumn certainly has a whole lot to offer in terms of flowers and foliage. Wreaths are great for decorating various parts of your home and there are some great autumn designs that are worth trying at least once.

Remember, when making your own wreath, it’s advisable to choose your materials carefully. If you want your wreath to last for several years, you will need to use dried or artificial products. If you only want your wreath to last a couple of weeks, you can opt for fresh materials instead.

There are certain colours and items that are reminiscent of autumn. The colour of corn husks is perfect for a modest autumn wreath. Dried corn on the cob is lighter than fresh corn so give your corn a chance to dry out along with the husks. Arrange the husks around a wire wreath frame and then add the corn. Spread the outer edges of the husks out so that they have a bit of a frayed effect. You will need twice as many husks as you will heads of corn. Use hot glue to secure each item in place and make sure that you let it set before hanging from your door or wall in your home.

The harvest theme is also associated with autumn and colours that you should look for include orange, brown, and off-white. You can even add a splash of dark red or purple here and there. Use a dried grapevine wreath as a base and secure items like mini pumpkins, dried slices of orange or lemon, pine cones, and seasonal flowers. You can decorate the entire wreath or just a portion of it if you prefer. It’s all about letting your personality shine through!

If you want to make your own wreath using autumn leaves, there are a number of fantastic options. Consider dried white oak leaves for the best shape and colours. You can add some hydrangeas to this wreath arrangement if you pick them early enough in the season and add some seasonal accessories like pine cones for good measure.

Don’t forget about accessories like berries, small apples, oranges, and colourful ribbons. A relatively plain wreath can be completely transformed simply by adding the right accessories! Not only do these accessories add contrasting textures, but they can also brighten up your wreath and make it that much more impressive.