Carnation flower history and facts

When you shop for flowers online or visit your local flower shop, you will most likely find that florists tend to stock certain favourites even when not in season. Before choosing the next blooms you want to buy or send to a loved one, here are some interesting carnation flower facts and information about their history.

Popular for Mother’s Day

The carnation is associated with Mother’s Day in many countries around the world. This tradition was started by Anna Jarvis who honoured her mother by wearing one. Wearing a pink carnation flower celebrates your mother if she is still around while a white one is in honour of those mothers who have passed on. When you send blooms for this occasion, you can also send a bouquet that consists of or includes carnations.

January birthdays

While many plants do not produce blooms during this time of year, the carnation is truly special. This is why it is associated with the month of January. If you want to send a birthday bouquet, you should consider sending a carnation flower arrangement.

History of its name

In 300 B.C. a Greek botanist, Theophrastus, named the carnation flower. The word Dianthus means flower of the gods in Greek. These blooms were often used to make garlands for special events. In 1753, this flower genus was classified as Dianthus by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist.

Religious meaning

Like some other blooms, the carnation flower have a special place in the hearts of Catholics. It is believed that as Mary, the mother of Christ, saw her son on the cross, she wept. As her tears hit the ground, they turned into the very first carnations. In 1476, Leonardo da Vinci created one of his most famous works – The Madonna with the Carnation. Since Mary is such a highly regarded woman in Christianity and she is a strong symbol of motherhood, it just makes this bloom even more fitting for occasions like Mother’s Day.

One of the best things about the carnation flower is the fact that it is so affordable. These are also one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers so you can be sure that you will get great value for money.