May birthday blooms they’ll love

If you know somebody who celebrates their birthday during the month of May, you might like to send them a special and very sentimental bouquet of fresh blooms. For this reason, you should consider including elements that will reflect this month’s birthstone in your May birthday bouquet.


The gemstone associated with the month of May is the emerald. This stone represents rebirth and it is believed to grant the owner good fortune, youth and foresight. Emeralds are green, of course, so you should have no trouble including this colour in your May birthday arrangement.

The right blooms

While we have a wide variety of green foliage from which to choose, green flowers might be a bit more difficult to obtain. Especially when you are looking for the type of green that would best suit your May birthday arrangement. One flower you can count on, however, is the chrysanthemum. Pompom chrysanthemums are particularly rich in colour and texture. They are somewhat smaller but they can be added in clusters to ensure that they have the right effect. You can pair them with other blooms such as luxurious roses and perhaps even some germinis and solidago for good measure.

When sending this bouquet of May birthday blooms, remember that you could always ask your florist to include something extra. Some of the most popular options include luxury chocolates, bright balloons and even a birthday cake. Don’t forget to include a special message in the card your florist will provide. You can also choose between having the gift delivered directly to the recipient or to yourself if you want to present them in person.