Gorgeous autumn tablescapes for all occasions

The right centrepiece can make all the difference at any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When decorating,your home during the autumn months, you might feel as though a single bouquet is sufficient for your dining table. You can, however, make the design even more intricate by choosing a tablescape instead of just one bunch of flowers.

Autumn tablescapes can be made according to the size and shape of your table. For example, a small round table that seats up to 6 people can benefit from one main arrangement surrounded by smaller items. A longer rectangular table can be decorated by one or more main bouquets along with smaller bouquets and other complimentary items along the length of the table.

One example is to set one large (but not tall) bouquet in the middle and place one clear glass cylindrical vase on either side of the bouquet. The flower arrangement should consist of suitable colours such as pumpkin orange, dark red, and perhaps some beige for that added contrast. Don’t forget to add some foliage too. You will want your arrangement to resemble an autumn harvest. Fill the vases with dried beans and place your thick white candles inside. Remember, the height of the candles should not exceed that of the vases and the beans that fill the vases should only cover the bottom quarter of the candle to hold it in place. You can also place some small pumpkins and gourds in between for good measure.

If you want taller arrangements, you can set up one or more bouquets on a tall flower stand. This will ensure that your flowers have the height you desire without blocking the line of sight between your guests around the table. Place smaller, short bouquets in between and feel free to add some candles or pumpkins here and there. If you need something to fill the space but you don’t want it to take up too much space, you could use bright orange and red berries. Make sure that the berries are still attached to the long stems and weave them around the other table d├ęcor.

Remember, the size of your bouquets will depend on the size of your table. It’s best to keep your tablescape design simple and small on smaller tables. Remember, you need to leave more than enough space for each place setting. This means that you need space for everyone’s cutlery, crockery, and their glasses. Never underestimate the effectiveness of scattering things like autumn leaves, small pine cones, and similar items along the length of your tablescape.