Summer blooms everyone will enjoy

During the summer months, you will notice that there are so many different plants in bloom. The weather is absolutely perfect for various plants to grow and thrive. When you browse summer blooms at your local or online florist, you will also notice the bright colours that are used in these bouquets. Unlike the pastels of spring, bright colours are perfect for expressing the warmth and joy of summer.


Roses are not only one of the most popular summer blooms, but they are also so sought after that florists will import them when not in season locally. Available in almost every colour imaginable, roses are known for sending different messages based on their colour. Red roses are associated with romance while white ones represent purity and yellow rose bouquets are ideal for friends. A popular choice for summer, no matter the occasion, is a bouquet of mixed roses. With a single type of flower in several colours, you can be sure it will make any recipient smile.


If you are looking for summer blooms that look exotic but won’t break the bank, you should ask your florist about lilies. There are a number of varieties from which you can choose. These include calla lilies, stargazer lilies, casa blanca and gloriosa lilies. Each of which is available in different colours so keep this in mind when making your choice too.

Baby’s breath

Some flower arrangements wouldn’t look right without the addition of some fillers. Baby’s breath is one of the most popular filler flowers and it looks particularly amazing when paired with summer blooms like roses. Of course, these tiny flowers can also be added to bouquets of carnations if you like.

Tropical blooms

You don’t have to live in a tropical paradise to enjoy tropical arrangements. There are plenty of summer blooms that can help you create this fantastic kind of display. These include Amaranthus, Cockscomb and Birds of Paradise. Each of which is known for its bright colour and unique appearance. Now, you might not use only these flowers in your arrangement. However, they will certainly be the focal flowers with mass and fillers in the supporting roles.

Wild flowers

There is something so perfect about an imperfectly arranged bouquet. Just imagine taking a walk around your neighbourhood and coming across a gorgeous field of wild flowers. As you step carefully through the field, you pluck your favourite summer blooms one by one and add them to the bunch. By the end of your walk, you will have an interesting and informally arranged selection of stems. They can then be trimmed once you get home and displayed in a pretty vase.

Other than these popular summer blooms, your florist will also have a number of other excellent floral options. These include dahlias, delphiniums, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. No matter the flowers you choose to decorate your home, just make sure that you select those that fill you with joy and give you a boost of energy when you look at them. This, after all, is what a summer arrangement is all about.