Valentine’s Day and red roses

When Valentine’s Day gets closer, you might notice that all the shops are decorated with some kind of love or romantic theme. You will most likely see plenty of red hearts, cupids, cuddly animals, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and of course red roses. According to the language of flowers, red roses are associated with a deep and passionate kind of love. This is why they are so popular for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day!

While some think of red roses for Valentine’s Day as a rather expensive tradition, others know that they are the ultimate declaration of love. Whether you have been married for years or your relationship is still in that honeymoon phase, a bunch of red roses will always make your Valentine feel loved!

It’s true that other red flowers like tulips and carnations are also associated with love. That said, the rose always sends the most powerful message of all. You will also notice that many Valentine’s Day gifts like teddy bears are either red or holding something red. This is because the entire occasion revolves around this particular colour which makes it impossible to ignore.

When planning to send somebody special a bouquet of roses, make sure that you check the meaning of the number of roses you are sending. One rose means love at first sight while three roses means “I love you”. In some cultures, if you send two flowers (any flowers) it is a symbol of death so, whatever you do, don’t send two roses for Valentine’s Day! 12 red roses is a popular gift and it sends the message of commitment to a relationship.

9 roses symbolise eternal love while 11 roses sends a message of loyal and faithful love. 21 roses is the ultimate display of devotion while a bunch of 36 lets your Valentine know that you treasure them and all of your memories together.

Whenever you send roses for Valentine’s Day, make sure that you take care not to send 15 roses. This bouquet is suited for apologies and when you have a sense of regret. So, unless you are trying to mend some fences on this occasion, you shoul avoid this number of stems.

If you ever want to play it safe or even if you are just on a tight budget, a single red rose will always do the trick! You can save money on Valentine’s Day flowers and, instead, add some chocolates, a stuffed animal, or even a bottle of bubbly to your order instead.