Wirral Council disapproves of Street Garden

Residents of a Wirral street face the wrath of the council after creating a street garden to add a bit of colour and brightness to the neighbourhood. Corfu Street in Birkenhead in the street in question where residents turned the closed end of the street into a garden area with hanging baskets and pot plants.

The council that issued a warning saying the flowers had to be taken off a public highway. The council are now meeting to discuss a solution after the residents campaigned to keep the garden.

Resident Denise Harvey first came up with the idea when she was tired of looking at a grim wall every day.

She said, “I started off with a few potted plants just under my window. Then it came along by the kerb and it just sort of carried on, so I thought I would put them out for everybody to enjoy”.

The neighbours were soon involved with the garden and soon the wall was covered in ornaments, flowers and pot plants.

Another par taker of the garden Sue Gatick said the flower garden had cheered up the street. She said, “It’s nice when it’s summer as the flowers smell lovely”.

Hundreds of people have signed a petition while over 500 people have joined a group backing the garden on Facebook. Ms Harvey said the support they have received is fantastic. People from all over Birkenhead have been dropping off more plants and flowers.

Wirral council did agree the flowers garden might be allowed to stay if they were granted a license.