Budget flowers for a January birthday

The month of January often feels like the longest of the year. Many people have overextended themselves over the holiday season and, for this reason, January budgets are somewhat limited. If you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday during the first month of the year, not to worry. You don’t need to break the bank in order to make them feel special. Here are some excellent ideas for budget flowers to make their day.

Seasonal flowers

When shopping for budget flowers, no matter the time of year, it’s important to look for those that are in season. When blooms are in season, they can be locally sourced which helps cut costs. These savings are then passed down to the consumer. Flowers do not need to be grown in greenhouses or imported. Growing and transport costs will, therefore, be lower when you choose seasonal bouquets.

Specific types

It’s also worth noting that some flowers are simply cheaper than others. No matter the time of year, some stems will cost less no matter what. Carnations are an excellent choice when it comes to budget flowers. Especially for a January birthday because they are associated with this month of the year. They are available in various colours so you can select the recipient’s favourite shade. Alternatively, you can opt for a mixed bouquet.

Discounted blooms

When shopping for budget flowers online, you will notice a section dedicated to discounts and deals. This is where you will find some amazing savings. Take a look around here to find the perfect bouquet for that special person in your life. Since Christmas is just behind us, there might be some festive bouquets here. Make sure that you take note of the types of flowers, the colour scheme and the name of the bouquet. You wouldn’t want the recipient to know that you have selected a budget bouquet by sending a discounted Christmas arrangement.

Bundle offers

Another great way of saving money on birthday gifts is by opting for bundle offers. These are not your average budget flowers. They are so much more! Not only will you be able to send an affordable bouquet, but the flowers will be paired with one or more extras. These might be luxury chocolates, a bottle of wine, a balloon or even a cuddly bear. There are many bundle varieties out there from which you can choose.

Direct delivery

It’s also good to remember that shopping for flowers online has even more perks. Not only can you do your shopping at home, but you can have the bouquet delivered directly to the recipient. This is particularly convenient if you live a fair distance away. It’s also great if you are not able to meet with your friend or loved one on their birthday but want to make them feel special.

Budget flowers do not need to look cheap. You should never settle for wilted stems just because you are paying less. These bouquets should still live up to the standards promised by your florist. Make sure that your flower shop, be it online or a physical shop, is willing to back their products with some kind of freshness guarantee.