Beautiful flowers that live without much water

The most common fresh blooms that will come to mind whenever imagining a gorgeous bouquet are those like roses, carnations and chrysanthemums. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are beautiful flowers out there that thrive with very little water. Since cut blooms require a constant supply of clean water, how is it possible for these flowers to survive in such dry conditions? Well, here are some examples.

Minimal water

Not only do these beautiful flowers survive with very little water, but they also thrive in areas where temperatures are high in the day and significantly lower at night. They have adapted to their surroundings in some of the most remarkable ways.


The Cereus plant is also known as ‘The Queen of the Night’ because it blooms at night. This cactus produces the most beautiful flowers that are white in colour and reach a size of 3 inches in diameter. They grow in Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. They are very rare and they have a superb sweet scent. They also only produce blooms during the month of June so you should consider yourself very lucky if you get to see one.

Three heart plant

If you fancy beautiful flowers that are small in size but are particularly resistant, look no further than the Three Heart Plant, or Tricardia Watsonii. These flowers are either white or cream and they have hints of purple. They bloom in the Mojave Desert during the months of April and May. The flowers are bell-shaped and these plants enjoy sandy or loamy soil as well as rocky slopes. They prefer a higher altitude.

Orocopia Sage

This rare bush also grows in the Mojave Desert and the Sonora Desert. It is also known as lavender sage because of the appearance of the blooms. They are purple in colour and they enjoy higher altitudes like those of the Chocolate Mountains. These beautiful flowers bloom during March and April.

Wolfberry Shrub

Another example of beautiful flowers that bloom in arid regions is the Wolfberry Shrub. These tiny flowers turn into red berries that birds love. Similar plants include the Catclaw Acasia and Jojoba. Each of which has interesting uses.

As you can see, there are plenty of beautiful flowers that do well in hot and dry areas. Most of them grow on plants that have adapted to these conditions much like cacti and succulents. Remember that these aren’t flowers you can pick, but you can certainly enjoy them when you visit their native locations.