Mystery Flowers sent to care home in Unst

A care home in the Shetland Islands has been on the receiving end of a generous sending of many bouquets of flowers. No one at the home knows who is behind the deliveries but they all very much appreciate the gesture.

Ruth Grainger, who works at the Nordalea care centre in Baltasound, commented that every now and then they receive a couple of boxes jammed with beautiful cut flowers. Whoever is sending the flowers leaves the message card anonymous. She states the flowers make a real difference to the decoration and atmosphere in the home.

She says that it is good for the people living in the home knowing there is someone out there who cares for them and that it great to have flowers in your room.

James Barclay who resides at Nordalea agrees with Ruth and comments that it is good to brighten the place up. He says he knows nothing about where the flowers are arriving from but he is very appreciative nonetheless.

Ruth believes that the sender is purchasing the flowers from local supermarkets and when they arrive at the home she says the flowers last for 2-3 weeks. She also thinks that other care homes are on the receiving end of this generosity.

She stresses no one at Nordalea has a clue who sent the flowers but they would like to say thank you very much to them.