Hat box flower arrangement care

If you order or receive a hat box flower arrangement, you can be sure that it will brighten your home right away. Of course, like all cut flowers, you want to make sure that they last as long as possible. This is why you need to keep these essential care tips in mind.


A hat box flower arrangement is designed with care. The stems are secured in oasis foam to ensure that they remain in place and the flowers do not dehydrate. When you receive the delivery, the foam will be properly saturated. However, the water is absorbed by the stems and evaporation also dries it out. This is why you need to monitor the foam daily. As soon as you notice that it is getting dry, you need to add water. Make sure that you do not over-saturate the foam, however, since this can do more harm than good. When watering, add small amounts in different locations so that the water reaches all of the stems and it does not only pool in one part of the oasis.


Fresh flowers, including those in a hat box flower arrangement, do not enjoy extreme temperatures. So, you should never place them too close to an air conditioner, heater, fire place or anything along these lines. Display in an area where the room temperature is comfortable.


While plants love sunlight, cut flowers do not. If the flowers come into contact with direct sunlight, it can cause the petals to dry out and your blooms will perish.

Monitor freshness

Not all flowers will reach the end of their lifespan at the same time. If some of the blooms in your hat box flower arrangement start to wilt, they should be removed sooner rather than later. Dying plant materials will cause fresh plant material to perish prematurely due to the gas that is released.

When your hat box flower arrangement has reached the end of its lifespan, you can still enjoy the box. There are plenty of excellent uses and you could even use it to create your own designs in the future if you like. Just be sure to keep the plastic insert on which the floral foam rested. This helps protect the box from water damage.