The basic supplies you need for flower arranging

Just like any craft, when it comes to arranging flowers, it’s always important to make sure that you are prepared. Part of preparation is ensuring that you have all the supplies and tools necessary. Here are some of the top essentials you will need.:

  • A sharp pair of scissors for cutting stems, ribbons, and so on.
  • A sharp knife for cutting stems and floral foam.
  • A pair of sheers or another similar tool for cutting woody stems.
  • Floral wires to support various materials, anchor them, or even lengthen stems. Wires are available in various thicknesses and they each serve different purposes.
  • Green floral tape is ideal for concealing wires used in arrangements. For example, if you want to wire the stem of a flower, you can wrap the wire with floral tape so that it blends in well with the arrangement.
  • Pot tape is an adhesive tape used to secure floral foam to the containers you use.
  • Fix is another adhesive product that can be cut into small pieces. It is used to secure plastic frogs (used to hold flowers in place) to the base of your container.
  • A glue gun will also come in very handy. Hot glue is a strong solution when it comes to securing various accessories to your bouquet, vase, or pot. Cool glue guns can also help prevent causing damage to the bouquet. Hot glue can cause certain materials to melt.
  • A stapler will also come in hand when you want to attach ribbon to the bouquet.

You will also need some consumables:

  • Fresh flowers and foliage will be needed for each bouquet that you create. You can also invest in quality silk flowers if you want arrangements that last longer.
  • Floral foam is also necessary and they are available in various sizes and shapes. Keep a few and remember, larger blocks can always be cut to size.
  • Foam filled trays are already prepared and ready for you to use when creating a personalised tribute, swag, and so on.
  • Plastic containers for use as the base of various flower arrangements. The size of the container determines the size of the arrangement so keep this in mind when selecting your containers.
  • Frogs which can be used to secure flowers in an container.
  • Wrapping paper, cellophane, and similar wrapping materials for creating handheld bouquets.
  • Boxes for transporting flowers when you make the flower delivery.
  • Ribbon in various colours for that perfect finishing touch.
  • Cards to include with the bouquet when you send your gift.