Honouring her memory on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a happy occasion for many people around the world. Not only do we look forward to pampering mum, but she also looks forward to all that extra attention. There are, however, those who are not able to spend the day with dear mum. If your mother has passed away, it does not mean that you cannot celebrate her.

Order flowers

You might normally send flowers to mum on Mother’s Day but this is not exactly possible if she has passed away. You can still order flowers for Mother’s Day but you will have to choose another way of ‘giving’ them to her. Some people like to place the flowers at her grave while others prefer to visit the place where her ashes were scattered and lay a wreath or flowers down here. Another option is to keep the bouquet in your home next to your favourite photo of mum and you could possibly light a candle in her memory too.

Make her favourite meal

The sense of smell is the most powerful of all and it is very much connected to the sense of taste. If mum enjoyed a specific dish or dessert, you could make it on Mother’s Day and even invite your family to join as you share your fondest memories of her.

Watch her favourite movie

If you would rather spend the day at home without any guests, you could watch mum’s favourite movie and remember how she knew all the lines or how she would always laugh or cry during certain scenes. You could pair this with the previous idea if you like.

Visit her favourite spot

We all have our own special spots and your mother is probably no exception. If she had a favourite park, beach, or even just a favourite bench where she like to watch the people walk by, this is an excellent place to honour her. Take along a flower, perhaps some light snacks, and enjoy a ‘chat’ with mum. Take the time to imagine all of the things you would tell her about your life and everything that has changed over the last year.

These ideas are all perfect on their own but you can combine them if you prefer to make a day of it. For example, you could enjoy some time out at mum’s favourite spot before returning home to enjoy her favourite meal and film. Whether her passing is recent or she passed away several years ago, it’s never easy on such days. By honouring and celebrating her, you can encourage positive memories rather than dwelling on all that sorrow.