Autumn blooms to decorate your home

Of all the things we can use to decorate our homes, fresh flowers are one of the most popular. Nature has a way of positively impacting our emotions and mental state which is why so many people choose to display cut flowers throughout their home. If you are not sure which autumn blooms you should use to spruce up your home this season, here are some great ideas.

Bedroom décor

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary. When you wake up in the morning, your surroundings can impact your mood for the rest of the day. This is why it is so important to start off on a positive note. You don’t want to overcrowd this space so make sure that the autumn blooms you choose are compact enough to fit comfortably on your nightstand or another table or shelf in your room. Choose bright autumn colours like red, yellow and orange to cheerfully greet you each morning.

Living room blooms

Your living room is where you will spend a lot of your time when at home and when entertaining guests. For this reason, you need to make sure that you choose autumn blooms that will suit the size and style of the room. If you already have a lavishly decorated room, you should keep your flower arrangements simple yet elegant. If your décor is more on the minimalist side, you can certainly order an elaborate bouquet bursting with colour and rich in texture. Mixed bouquets are perfect for these settings.

Colourful kitchen

Your kitchen is another communal area of your home so you want to make sure that it is clean, neat and uncluttered. The bouquet you set in this area should be bright and welcoming. However, it should not be so large that it takes up excessive space on your kitchen table or worktops. You do not want to have to move it out of the way every time you want to make a meal or beverage. Keep your bouquet away from any sources of heat – this includes your fridge. Yes, your fridge releases heat through the coils at the back and this can cause your blooms to wilt prematurely.

Dining room delight

Yet another communal area of your home that certainly deserves to be decorated. Your autumn blooms should be arranged in such a way that they do not obstruct your view of a guest or family member across the table. You should either use something like a fish bowl as a vase or you can have the stems arranged in a hatbox or even on a tray with floral foam.

Modest bathrooms

This is probably one of the trickiest areas to decorate with flowers but it’s not impossible. Bud flower arrangements and small bouquets are ideal because you most likely will not have too much space to work with. Your autumn blooms should be arranged in a vase that can easily be displayed near your sink or on your windowsill.

Hallways and other small spaces

You can give your guests a warm welcome by setting some autumn blooms on a small table in the entrance hall of your home. Wreaths are also great because you can hang them from doors or walls so they don’t take up too much space.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can use autumn blooms to transform the way your home looks and feels. Apart from fresh flowers, remember, you can also use dried flower arrangements, silk flowers or even potted plants.