Birth Flowers For Every Month Of The Year

People are generally familiar with such things as birth stones and zodiacs but have you ever heard of birth flowers?  Just like the precious stones associated with each month of the year, there are also flowers to go along with it.  If you have a family member, friend or loved one celebrating their birthday in a certain month and you want to send flowers as part of their gift, then look no further than the information below!  Another great idea, when sending flowers to celebrate a new baby, is to send the birth flower for that month.  Perhaps include a little note with information on the newborn’s birth flower and what it represents.

Birth Flowers


The first month in the year is represented by the Carnation.  It is one of the most popular flowers around the world and they are also one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers.  They are available in various colours, shades and even colour combinations.  Most of the colours hold a meaning of love or admiration and there are only a few that have other types of meanings.  Pink and white carnations are often used to celebrate Mother’s Day while green carnations are popular for St. Patrick’s Day.  Despite the popularity of this flower, they are still one of the cheapest flowers you will find at any florist.


The Violet has been chosen as the symbol of February.  It is such a beautiful bloom that it has been chosen as the state flower in Rhode Island, Illinois, New Jersey and Wisconsin!  There are as many as 500 known species of Violet and many of them have come into being through hybridisation.  While they send a few different messages, the mainly represent modesty, humility and faithfulness.  It makes sense that this flower is also associated with the celebration of one’s 50th wedding anniversary.


Daffodils and Jonquils both represent the month of March.  They are quite similar in appearance and just a few small differences distinguish the one from the other.  The main difference is in the leaves.  Jonquils have thin, round leaves while Daffodils have wider, flatter leaves.  Jonquils have a much stronger perfume compared to Daffodils which are larger in size.  Daffodils are also more readily available and they can be found in a few different colours.  Yellow, of course, is the most popular especially with spring in the air.  Both flowers send a message of friendship, domestic happiness and good fortune.  Just remember to always send them in a bunch since a single stem is believed to bring about misfortune.


The flower chosen for April is the Daisy.  With winter behind us, Daisies can make their grand appearance!  They are a simple kind of flower and probably one of the easiest of all to recognise.  You may have even tugged at a few petals yourself while softly whispering, ‘He loves me….he loves me not’.  It’s traditions like these that make it easy to understand why Daisies are associated with meanings like innocence, friendship and loyalty.


The delightful Lily of the Valley represents May with her delicate design and powerfully sweet perfume.  These flowers are on the expensive side and are therefore usually included as part of an arrangement.  They are a popular addition to bridal bouquets and their message of beauty and happiness is sure to impress anyone lucky enough to find themselves on the receiving end.


June belongs to one of the most famous and popular flowers of all – the Rose.  They are so popular that they are considered to be as much of a staple to florists as foliage and floral foam!  Roses are available in many different varieties and different colours also have different meanings.  For the most part, Roses send a message of love, affection or even friendship.  The message sent also depends on the number of Roses in the bouquet.  If you are on a tight budget, a single stem or just a few Roses can more than suffice.  These flowers are so impressive that you need not spend extra on a vase either.  They look perfectly fine as a handheld bouquet.


There are two flowers associated with the month of July.  Unlike the two similar flowers chosen for March, the flowers used to represent July are not similar in the slightest.  Delphinium (also called Larkspur) and the Water Lily are the two July flowers.  Delphiniums include over 300 different species and they are most popular in purple.  They are also available in white, blue, red and yellow and the shape of these flowers has lead to its symbolism of an open heart.  As for Water Lilies, they are aquatic flowers as the name suggests and they are also available in many different colours and shape.  They are ideal for bringing a water feature in your home or garden to life and they symbolise purity of heart.


The month of August is represented by the Gladiolus flower.  This bold bloom is native to South Africa and sends a message of strength and sincerity.  Its size alone is enough to impress and they make an amazing gift for anyone celebrating their birthday during this month.


The gorgeous Aster represents September.  Its name is derived from the Greek word for star and, if you take a look at the shape of the flower, it’s clear to see why.  Asters have soft, delicate petals and symbolise daintiness, love and elegance.  The message of love sent along with a bouquet of red roses is notably more passionate than that of a bunch of Asters.  This makes them a great choice for family members and dear friends.


As the northern hemisphere prepares for winter, the south gets ready for summer.  Moderate temperatures are all around and the flower used to represent this month is the Calendula.  If you celebrate Halloween and you have ordered or made your own Halloween flower arrangements, it’s likely that this flower was part of the display.  It celebrates winning grace as well as jealousy although you might want to keep the latter meaning to yourself if you are sending these as a gift.


Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA during this month and, towards the end of November, the festive season is in full swing.  The flower chosen for this month is the Chrysanthemum.  It symbolizes friendship, wealth and loveliness.  How appropriate since this time of year is all about family, friends and every kind of love.  Chrysanthemums are also quite readily available throughout the year so you should have no trouble finding them at your local or online florist.  It’s also a great time saver at this busy time of year.  You don’t need to spend hours searching for some hard to find bloom when you could be tending to other seasonal preparations.


The Narcissus flower has been chosen to represent the final month of the year.  By adding this fine flower to your arrangements as a symbol of sweetness.  Don’t add too many, however, since this could represent egotism!  Since this time of year is all about warm colours like red and orange accompanied by dark green foliage, some white Narcissus is the perfect finishing touch.  Add some here and there to give the effect of delightful snowflakes in between the other fresh flowers.

Now that you have a clear idea of each and every flower that represents every month of the year, you can rest assured that you will always have a floral gift idea.  If you don’t fancy sending flowers every year, you can also use these birth flower ideas to help you choose other gifts.  For example, a dinner set or glasses decorated with the recipient’s birth flower or even a framed painting of their birth flower would also make a lovely gift while sticking to the theme.