How to make flowers with ribbon

Ribbon flowers are beautiful additions to any room of your home or office as well as your wardrobe. Fresh flowers come in a wide variety of colours and, since satin ribbon also comes in various colours, you can literally make any colour you like! You can even use patterned ribbon for themed flowers. For example, ribbon with a Christmas theme is perfect for making your own Christmas flowers.

You will need:

  • Satin ribbon with a width of 5/8th of an inch (approximately 60 inches per flower)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue gun or another strong glue
  • Accessories for the centre of the flower (buttons, Rhine stones, pearls, beads, etc)


  • Hold the one end of the ribbon in between your one index finger and thumb.
  • Loop the long end down and around your little finger.
  • Loop back up to the starting point and then back down to your little finger.
  • You will need to slide the ribbon off your little finger in order to make your next loop.
  • Continue making as many loops as your material allows (usually approximately 13 loops)
  • Trim off the excess ribbon.
  • Pierce the top left or right corner with your threaded needle and run the needle all the way through. Make sure that all the loops are pierced by the needle before running it through.
  • Leave one end of thread out the starting point and some thread out the exit. Tie these two points together and make several strong knots.
  • Fluff out each ribbon loop so that they are evenly spaced apart. You should allow them to overlap one another slightly just like a real flower. It’s easiest to do this by placing your flower bottom side up on a table. Move each petal one at a time and be prepared to readjust several times before you achieve a perfectly balanced flower.
  • Flip your flower over and place some glue in the centre. Add your Rhine stone, button, or other gem to the middle and let it dry.
  • Add a bobby pin to make a hair accessory, glue onto a headband, use a safety pin to create a brooch, or add to any other fashion accessory like a hat or handbag. You can even decorate parts of your home like pining them to your drapes or tablecloths.

These fabric flowers are great for decorating your own home as well as gifts for friends and loved ones. You can even use them to decorate gift bags or boxes.