Beach inspired floral décor

If you love the beach and you love flowers, then you will love the idea of combining the two. Whether you are planning a special event like a wedding or you simply want to add some fresh décor to your home, these design ideas will certainly make heads turn.

The first thing to cosider is your colour scheme. There are a number of colours that will work perfectly with a beach theme but there are just as many colours that should be avoided. Colours like blue and white are an excellent start. You could even choose off white or cream coloured flowers if you like. Dendrobium orchids are available in a gorgeous bronze shade which helps you stick to the natural seaside theme.

Now that you know what colours to look for, remember to include these colours in the rest of your décor. White table cloths or off white ones are perfect. Your vases should also be white. If your linen is off white, your brilliant white vases and crockery will certainly stand out.

The next thing to look for is one or more large shells. Place some floral foam inside the shell and add your flowers. Place these shells on your table and feel free to add larger arrangements in vases if you like.

You can also decorate your place settings by adding a simple flower to each plate or you can attach them to the stems of your wine glasses. The most important thing to remember is to keep your décor simple. Nature’s beauty is in its simplicity which is all the more reason not to overdo it. When you look at your table, the table cloth wll represent the sand with the shells resting on top. The flowers protruding from the shells can represent the ocean or the foam created by crashing waves – depending on the colours you use.