What’s not to love about daisies?

When you think of daisies, it’s not uncommon to imagine sitting in the sun or in the shade of a large tree and plucking each petal of this flower off one by one. Anticipation grows as we approach the final petal to find out whether our crush loves us or not. When ordering fresh flowers from our favourite florist, some of the most popular options are roses, carnations, lilies, and tulips. However, daisies should not be so easily overlooked. There are a number of types of daisies from which to choose and their colour and beauty can really brighten up any room.

One of the most popular types of daisies that you will find in flower shops is the gerbera daisy. These are larger in size and they are known and loved for their bright colours. Available in red, pink, orange, yellow, and plenty of other shades, gerberas can be displayed on their own or along with other types of flowers.

If you are planning on growing your own daisies, it’s important to note that these flowers are perennals. This means that they bloom when in season and they will become dormant when the weather changes. As soon as the weather conditions are optimal once again, the plant will appear to awaken and you will enjoy more flowers year after year. The plant is evergreen so, even when there are no flowers to enjoy, this plant will keep your garden looking beautiful.

Daisies are really easy to grow and you can easily cultivate them from seeds. These seedlings can almost immediately be transplanted to your garden or you could even sew the seeds directly in your flower bed. They will need plenty of sun and you will need to fertilize the soil accordingly. Regular watering is also a must if there is a dry spell. Once you grow a few of these plants, you can then grow more by using a method called division. There’s no need to grow them from seeds again if you already have one or more plants.

Once your flowers bloom, they will brighten your garden and you can also pick a bunch or two to decorate your home. Daisies are also fun to wear and they make wonderful fresh hair accessories. Simply slide one behind your ear and you’ll look fabulous! Remember, if you want to make fun daisy crafts during the winter, you should pick and press your daisies when they are in bloom! This way you will have plenty to work with when your plant is dormant.