August wedding flower ideas

August is a wonderful time of year for weddings. The weather is stunning, the summer season allows brides to get into their best possible shape, and let’s not forget that natural sun-kissed look! When planning a wedding during this popular month, one of your main concerns will be to find the perfect colour scheme and the right flowers to match.

In terms of colours, many brides are opting for a more natural form of elegance. It’s not all about sparkle anymore. It’s more about that sense of understated beauty and class. This can be seen in wedding hairstyles, accessories, bridal gown styles, and the flowers used during the ceremony and reception. So, instead of that perfect, brilliant white, many brides are choosing an off-white or even dusty beige kind of colour with a hint of lace here and there for that authentic vintage look. Flowing materials are also proving more popular than heavy silk-like fabrics. Even if a white gown is her number one choice, the style of the dress is what makes it look fantastically feminine and elegant without becoming completely over the top.

As for the flowers, August is our final farewell to summer and, for this reason, many brides choose to embrace this transition period by opting for softer pastels rather than bright colours. Of course, if you are passionate about pink, you can have a bright pink wedding if your soon-to-be spouse agrees!

Some popular colours include light pinks, peaches, creams, white, and ample greenery. The use of several types of foliage is also important and brides are also looking for bouquets that resemble hand picked bunches rather than perfectly positioned stems. The natural look of the flowers is meant to compliment the natural look of the bride in her modestly sophisticated gown and light, natural make up.

Table arrangements are also straying away from the uniform shape and are designed to resemble the loosely gathered stems from older Victorian-style flower arrangements. Imagine a short vase with plenty of different flowers reaching out to each corner along with long stems of foliage. Accompany this bouquet with some fresh fruit around the base of the vase and you’re all set for the perfect rustic-themed wedding!