Different kinds of flowers available in white

When looking for the perfect kind of flowers to send, one of the toughest things to decide is the colour of the bouquet.  With so many meanings associated with different flowers and their colours, you need to ensure that you send flowers with the right message.  Different types of white flowers have different meanings so you need to take this into account while considering the occasion and the personality of the recipient.

Some people refer to white and black as colours.  However,, whether they are in fact colours or not has been debated for years.  Regardless, there are several religious symbols relating to white versus black.  When you place these two opposites together, they can make an amazing contrast, much like the symbol for Yin and Yang.

Many people think of purity, truth and perfection when they imagine white.  This is why white flowers are ideal for several occasions including weddings.  While many people add colourful blooms to their wedding bouquets, others prefer to keep things simple with plain white bouquets.  White flower arrangements with just a hint of green are really elegant.  They will look lovely with other decorations but they will not completely steal the show.  It’s important to remember that wedding flowers should impress your guests without attracting too much attention away from the bride.

Another, perhaps not so pleasant moment, where white flowers are best is funerals.  When you plan a funeral, the colour of the flowers is probably the last thing you feel like thinking about.  Since it’s such a sad event, you might not like to brighten it up with colourful blooms.  White flowers are also suitable regardless of age or gender.  They are particularly suitable for a child’s funeral because of their association with innocence.

Whenever you use flowers to decorate a dinner or another similar event, don’t forget to white blooms.  White flowers can really help set a more sophisticated, elegant tone to the event or even a more relaxed one depending on the type of flowers you select.  For example, roses and orchids are great for more elegant events while daisies and carnations suit casual dining best.  Choosing the right flowers for an event usually depends on the type of lighting.  If you are dining in a well lit area, you need to use bold, bright flowers.  If the area is dimly lit, you can use warm colours like red, orange and yellow.  That said, white flowers look great no matter the lighting!

Dainty white flowers are great as fillers in any arrangement.  Think of how many times you have seen baby’s breath used to fill up a bouquet of red roses or other flowers.  White flowers look lovely on their own, with a little greenery or along with other colourful blooms.  They really are the most diverse of all!