Keep your own spirits high as the holidays approach

During autumn and winter there is s distinct change in terms of the weather and our surroundings. Darker skies and bare trees can easily lead to seasonal depression. The days are also shorter and when you spend longer periods of time in darkness, it adds to these feelings of sadness. With the holidays just around the corner, there’s no better reason to brighten up your home.

Fresh flowers are excellent for turning any frown upside down. The best colours for this time of year include yellow, orange, and other warm colours. Not only are these colours warm, but they are also bright and bold. Bright flowers contrast the particularly dull outdoors and they will make your time indoors that much more pleasant.

If you need some perking up as soon as you arrive home from work, then make sure that you display a fresh bunch of your favourite flowers in the entrance hall of your home. Even if you don’t have room for a table, you could still secure a vase to a wall in your entrance area and use it to hold a modest bouquet.

Should you spend most of your time in your living room, then it makes sense to brighten this room up with an abundant bouquet. The size of the flower arrangement and the colours you choose will depend on the size and colours of the room. If you are unsure, ask your florist for their recommendations and advice. The same can be said for your kitchen. If cooking is not one of your favourite daily tasks, you can at least create a pleasant environment by displaying fresh flowers.

Of course, if you find yourself waking up in a less than happy mood, then you should try displaying flowers in your bedroom! Again,they need not be a large bunch since you don’t want to overcrowd your bedside table. You just want to ensure that you have something beautiful to enjoy as soon as you open your eyes.

Remember, if you order one large bouquet, you can split it up and disply two or more smaller bouquets in various rooms of your home. For example, you could display a fairly large bunch in the living room and a small arrangement in your bedroom.