How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Want to make the most of your flowers by making them last as long as possible?
Just follow these simple steps to further your bouquets longevity.
1. Replace the water completely every day with fresh, clean, room temperature water and add the flower feed which is provided with all next day flowers, and same day flower arrangements.
2. Trim the stems at a 45 degree angle to ensure that the flowers can absorb as much water as possible. Also be sure to cut any discoloured stems to the point that they are green.

3. Keep flowers away from cool drafts as well as heat sources as this can degrade the quality of the blooms, by dehydrating them and even making them more vulnerable to damage.

4. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight. Although it is tempting to show off our fresh flowers by having them on the windowsill and we all learned about photosynthesis at school part of which is how flowers get their nutrition by in taking sunlight, leaving cut flowers in in direct sunlight can discolour the bloom and as mentioned in the above point, even dehydrate the flowers on one of those rare warm days in the UK.
After you have followed these steps, your arrangements should start to look as fresh as when they were first picked, as all next day bouquets and same day flowers are sent while still in bud.