How to arrange flowers in a short vase

While we usually think of vases as tall objects, there are also shorter, wide options out there. They are great for several reasons. One of the main ones being the fact that they can be used to create arrangements that can easily rest on your dining room table. Shorter arrangements will not make it difficult for people seated at the table to communicate.

What you need:

  • Short, wide vase
  • Fresh blooms of your choice (choose the number of stems according to the size of the vase)
  • Green floral tape
  • Other basic tools like a sharp pair of scissors, a bucket of water and floral food.
  • Large leaves if you plan on using a clear vase


  • Begin by selecting your vase. You can choose a larger vase if you plan on using more flowers but, if you want to keep it small, you should buy a smaller vase.
  • To keep your flowers fresh, you should keep them in some clean water in the bucket.
  • The larger the flowers you use, the fewer stems you will need. The smaller the flowers, the more you will need.
  • Add some water and floral preserve to the vase. You must always follow the instructions on the package for best results.
  • Now place floral tape from one end of your vase to the other. The smaller the flowers, the closer they will need to be arranged which means that you need to place the strips of tape closer together. Create small squares with the tape so that there are little gaps in between for each stem.
  • Now it’s time to trim your stems based on the length needed for the vase. Do not trim too much and do not leave the stems too long. If they are too short, your arrangement will appear out of shape. If they are too long, the display will be top heavy.
  • Place each flower in one of these square holes formed by the green tape and make sure that you mix them up. Add foliage in between too.
  • The best part of all is that you can maintain a pattern when arranging your flowers.