Fresh bouquets with that added personal touch

We have gone from a trend of expensive gifts to those that we simply cannot put a price on. Sentimental gifts have become far more valuable than even the most expensive piece of jewellery. When sending flowers, the bouquets on the market could seem like they are a bit impersonal. Not to worry because there are plenty of ways in which you can add a special touch to those fresh bouquets.

Their favourite colour or flower

One of the easiest ways in which you can add a personal touch to any bouquet is by choosing from fresh bouquets in their favourite colour. So, if you know that the recipient loves the colour pink, you should look for bouquets that include or consist of pink blooms. Similarly, if they have a specific favourite flower, you can choose a bouquet that includes or consists of their favourite bloom. If you know that they love a certain colour and a certain type of flower, you can choose their favourite flower in their favourite colour! This will really show them that you pay attention to what matters to them.

Some bubbly or chocolates

Depending on the occasion you are celebrating, you might like to spruce up your flower order by adding chocolates or a bottle of bubbly. Fresh bouquets will brighten up their environment while wine or chocolates will give their taste buds something to enjoy. In some cases, florists include a free box of luxury chocolates which means that you can add a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne if you want to make the gift that much more special!

A cuddly teddy

If you want to add something special that will last, you can always have your florist include a cuddly teddy bear with your flower order. The bear will serve as a reminder of your thoughtful gift long after the flowers perish.

Consider bundle offers

If you want to include several extras when you order fresh bouquets, you can always shop around for some beautiful bundle offers. These bundles will often include at least two gift items and, of course, you can add to your shopping cart if you like. Some thoughtful items included in bundles include chocolates, wine, balloons, scented candles, cuddly teddy bears and even birthday cakes.

Remember, no matter what you choose to buy along with your fresh bouquets, your personal message will be the most thoughtful touch. Your florist will include a card with the flower delivery so it is up to you to provide them with a special message for the recipient. Just like the teddy bear, this card can serve as an amazing keepsake long after the blooms eventually fade.