Rustic winter flower arrangements

Fresh and bright flowers are usually not our first thought when we imagine the beauty of winter. The truth is that there are more flowers available in these cold months than most people realise. Of course, when celebrating the beauty of winter, it’s important to embrace the natural elements that we see around this time of year. It’s that rustic beauty that creates a truly unique design.

The natural approach

If you want to create a rustic style arrangement, you can take your cue from Mother Nature. Some of the best natural elements to include are berries, pine cones, and even sticks. Berries are great as fillers and they add amazing colour too. Pine cones and mini pine cones can be arranged around the vase or secured to flower picks. Sticks are excellent for adding height and for including even more texture. Sticks can be left as they are or you can paint them if you prefer.

Some trees lose their leaves in the winter but this does not mean that there’s a lack of foliage during this time of year. When you choose foliage, make sure that it is seasonal or, in other words, evergreen. Examples include pine, spruce, mistletoe, and holly. You can even add fruit like pumpkins, apples, pears, and oranges. It’s best to keep them uncut and placed around the vase rather than slicing them and adding them to the vase or arrangement.

Muted colours

Muted colours are ideal for creating a rustic bouquet. Suitable colours include white, green, and brown. You can also include deep red to add warmth to the display. Some of the best flower choices include roses, camellias, tulips, snowdrops, carnations, and orchids. Thistles, eucalyptus, winter heather, and baby’s breath are all excellent fillers.

Light on the flowers

The beauty of a bouquet does not depend solely on the flowers you use. If you are on a tight budget, you could opt for a greener bouquet rather than one full of flowers. A few carefully placed blooms paired with lush green foliage can transform any room.

The right container

We usually opt for heavier fabrics and materials during the winter months. Which also applies to vases and flower holders. Look for something with the appearance of stone, bronze, or brass for the best effect.