Arrange flowers with ease

Different flower arrangements have different shapes, sizes, and other design aspects. When choosing the right one for you, it’s important to consider all of your needs. Below, you will find a number of ways of making eye catching floral displays to impress your guests or a lucky recipient.

Vertical Style

This style of arrangement is very simple to make. That said, the simplicity of their design also makes them that much more elegant and there’s so much more that you can do with this type of arrangement. This type of arrangement is popular for many occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even birthdays. You can choose to make this arrangement using a vase or, if you are making one of your first ever flower displays, you can use some floral foam in the base of the vase to hold it in place. If you do this, make sure that you do not use a clear vase or it will create a somewhat undesirable visual effect. Start by soaking the floral foam in some water before placing it in the vase. Now place the tallest flowers in the centre of the vase. Make sure that you trim the stems but don’t trim them too short. When trimming your stems, you should always do so at an angle. This increases the area for absorption and it also makes the stem easier to insert in the foam if you are using floral foam. Once your tall, focal flowers are in place, you can continue by arranging your shorter mass flowers and filler flowers around them. Leave some space in between the stems if you plan on adding foliage and remember not to add too much foliage or you’ll end up with a forest rather than a flower bouquet. While keeping foliage to a minimum, you should also try to include two or three types of foliage in order to create some variety in terms of colour and texture.

Horizontal Style

Just as vertical arrangements are tall, so too are horizontal arrangements long. In this arrangement, you will notice that the focal flowers will be located in the centre of the bouquet and they will not be too tall. They are perfect for decorating rectangular tables and you may have noticed this kind of display at a wedding, birthday party, or similar occasion. This type of bouquet is also usually arranged using floral foam set on a plastic tray. The foam and tray are both green which means that they won’t necessarily stand out but it’s important to make sure that they are concealed. Once your focal flowers are in place, you can then start arranging longer pieces of foliage and filler flowers with longer stems along the length of the arrangement. While the stems will be inserted in either side of the foam, they will not be fully supported and will rest directly on the table. These are called line flowers because they help create a line that defines the horizontal shape. Once you have successfully created the desired shape, it’s time to fill up your arrangement and make sure that none of the foam or plastic tray can be seen.

As the name suggests, horizontal arrangements consist of the main focal flowers located in the middle of the bouquet with foliage and filler flowers spreading out on either side. These arrangements are perfect for decorating a rectangular dinner table and even buffet tables too! They are often used on the main bridal table at wedding receptions

Simply place your soaked floral foam on a plastic tray and start by arranging your line flowers. These are the flowers that will stretch out to the left and right of the arrangement. Once you have these in place, it’s time to place your focal flowers in position. They will be in the centre of the bouquet and this will also be the tallest point of the bouquet. Fill your arrangement up with foliage, mass flowers and filler flowers so that none of the floral foam or plastic container is visible.

Oval Style

This is another simple yet stylish floral display that works perfectly on a small table or even on the tables of your wedding or party guests. Start by soaking your floral foam in water with flower food and then place it on a plastic tray. Insert your line flowers in the centre of the arrangement to determine the height. These line flowers should be darker in colour while the flowers and foliage that surround them should be lighter in colour. You should stagger the length of your stems so that you create the desired oval shape. If you want to conceal the plastic base, make sure that you insert some short stems of foliage around the base and have them pointing down.