Choosing The Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers For Your Wife

No matter how long you have been married for, it’s important for all the husband’s to know that Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate their mothers and the mother of their child or children.  Many of us focus on getting the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day delivered to our own mothers that we forget about the mothers in our immediate families.  While shopping for your own mother, why not pick out some Mother’s Day flowers for your wife at the same time?  If you are wondering which flowers to send to your wife for this occasion, here are some ideas:

The first important tip to remember is to consider the traditions of your country.  Different countries have different Mother’s Day traditions and this could certainly influence your choice in fresh flowers.  Most countries have adopted the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day with carnations.  If you send Mother’s Day flowers in the UK, for example, you should know that pink carnations are used to celebrate those mothers who are still with us and white carnations are displayed in honour of those mothers who have already passed away.  So, if your country also celebrates with carnations, then you could give your wife a single stem or an entire bunch of pink carnations.

Mother's Day Flowers

If, for whatever reason, you know that your wife does not particularly like carnations, then your options really open up!  One great idea is to have your wife’s favourite flowers delivered.  Check with your local or online florist to make sure that they have your flower of choice in stock.  If they don’t, then the next best thing is to order a bouquet flowers in her favourite colour.  What’s really great about these types of arrangements is the fact that each type of flower is the same colour but the shades are different.  These arrangements have an amazing texture and fullness about them.  Plus, you can use plenty of seasonal flowers to keep costs to a minimum if you are on a tight budget.

If none of these options seem to work, you can always take a look around your home.  Think carefully about where your wife usually puts her flowers on display and note down the various colours in the room.  Take this information to your florist and ask for their expert opinion regarding the best colour bouquet to choose.  If you are able to, you could even take some photographs along with you to make the florist’s job a little bit easier.

If you are still in a bit of a bind and none of the above ideas are suitable, then you still have one trick up your sleeve.  You can order a mixed bouquet.  These arrangements consist of various flowers in all different colours.  Pastels are usually the most popular colours to choose when ordering flowers for Mother’s Day.  They are soft and feminine with the appearance of wild flowers growing in a meadow.  This is one bouquet that never fails to please!