Flowers to keep the romance alive

The early stages of a relationship are always filled with passion and excitement. It’s easy to get swept away in all the romance but it also doesn’t take long for the flames to settle down and for both parties to get into a bit of a rut. It’s one thing feeling comfortable around your partner. It’s completely different when this sense of comfort turns into complacency!

The longer you wait, the more the flames will die and soon you will hardly be able to recognize your once flourishing relationship. Fresh flowers can really help you get things back on track. When you send flowers to your partner, you are showing them that you are thinking of them and that you still care. Whether you have been together for a couple of years or a couple of decades, it’s always good to know that your partner still loves you.

Send a bunch of red roses if you really want to heat things up! Red roses are associated with passion and love which makes them one of the most romantic flowers ever. If your partner is not a fan of roses, for whatever reason, you can look for any other type of red flower like carnations or tulips. You could even send a mixed flower bouquet consisting of several types of red flowers.

A pink bouquet is also a lovely gesture and, again, you can send just about any kind of flower you like. Stargazer lilies look particularly lovely when paired with other flowers like roses and carnations. The colour and texture variations make for a stunning display to match the sweet scent.

Of course, by now you should know what kind of flower and what colour your partner favours. Ask your florist for a bouquet of their favourite blooms in their favourite colour. If, for example, your partner loves roses and the colour blue, then you might feel a bit lost. Before you give up, ask your florist about spray painting or dying the roses for you. You could even do it yourself but you run the risk of letting the cat out the bag before your flowers are ready!

Don’t forget to add that something extra like a box of luxury chocolates, a cuddly stuffed animal, or even a bottle of bubbly for an even bigger surprise! Write a special message in the card attached and wait for their reaction!