Strange yet beautiful flowers

As with many things in life, sometimes the strangest sights are the most visually appealing. It’s the strangeness that gives it that allure and you cannot help but stare. Nature has a wonderful way of reminding us just how much variety there is to enjoy with these strange, yet gorgeous flowers.


Parrot Flower

When you first glance at this floral beauty, you will certainly feel the need to take a second look. This flower so closely resembles the shape of an actual parrot that it requires fairly close inspection. From the fluffy “feathers” to the pointy “beak”, this brightly coloured flower is extremely rare and only found in parts of India, Thailand, and Burma.


Monkey Orchid

As the name suggests, this flower resembles the face of a monkey. It’s not the shape of the petals, as such, but rather the colour patterns in the centre of the flower that make it so apparent.


Bleeding Heart

Several of these small flowers from along a single stem. They drape downwards in the shape of a heart with a downward facing trail. They are pink with a pure white centre and, if the sun shines just right, they are partially transparent. They are native to Japan, Korea, and China.


Duck Orchid

When you first lay eyes on the Duck Orchid, you won’t doubt or wonder how it got its name. Part of the flower is so perfectly shaped that it looks just like the head and beak of a duck! The “head” is resting on a long step-like structure that leads down to the “body” and stretched out “wings”. Apart from the fantastic shape, the colours are also bold and captivating. These beauties are native to parts of Australia and Tasmania.


Ballerina Orchid

This dancing beauty is one of nature’s finest works of art. The way in which the petals arrange themselves gives you the impression of a fine ballet dancer performing atop the tall stems. Some of the petals even cluster together to create a little tutu!


Kissing Lips

There are a few names for this plant and some of them are not all that flattering, so we’ll stick with Kissing Lips. As the name suggests, when you stand above the flower, you will notice the bright red waxy bract protruding. From the side it might not have this obvious appearance but, from the top, it definitely looks like somebody’s puckering up for a smooch!


So, while these flowers might not be available at your local florist, they sure are fun to look at even in digital form! For most of us, it’s generally roses, carnations, tulips, and other popular commercially sold blooms that we will likely send and receive.