Advice for Mother’s Day flower orders

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and, if you haven’t started browsing yet, it’s time to put that thinking cap on! If you tend to get yourself in a bit of a twist each year, then you just need a few handy tips to see you through. Not only will you find it easier to order flowers but you will also be able to enjoy spoiling mum this year!

Firstly, you need to remember that Mother’s Day is just one day in a year so, you actually have an entire year to plan ahead of time. So, there really are NO excuses regardless of how busy you think you are. The best kinds of gifts are those that are bought with the recipient in mind. So, if you see something over Christmas and you want to give it to mum for Mother’s Day, why not buy it while you can? You can always stash it away in a safe place and wrap it up closer to the time.

Your local and online florist will get extremely busy as orders for Mother’s Day flowers roll in.  In order to avoid disappointment, make sure that you plan ahead and place your order in advance.  Now, you don’t have to order months in advance but a week or two wouldn’t hurt. It will also take the pressure off you because you know that you have all of your shopping done and dusted.

Whenever you buy a gift for anyone, you need to have a budget in mind. You cannot shop without knowing how much you are able to spend. Take a long look at your budget, settle on a number and then do your shopping. You might like to take mum out for a meal and give her some fresh flowers. If this is the case, make sure that you have enough money for both.

When you order flowers for Mother’s Day, make sure that your florist can make the flower delivery on the day. Being a Sunday, you might want to have the bouquet delivered the day before just to be safe.

If you send Mother’s Day flowers, make sure that you shop around and compare prices from various florists, both online and local flower shops. It’s important to take into account the actual flower price as well as delivery costs and the quality of the bouquets. You should also make sure that all relevant taxes have been included before confirming your order. If you need to save money, you can opt for a bouquet that does not come arranged in a vase and get a handheld bouquet instead.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to write a special message for mum to go with your special Mother’s Day flowers. Take the time to write something personal and don’t be tempted to copy a poem or quote from the internet or another source. Your message is the most personal part of the entire gift so take your time.  Speaking of time, you should try to spend a few moments with your mother on this special day. Whether you see each other often or only occasionally, this is a special occasion and she will certainly value your company. Even if you don’t go out to a fancy restaurant, you can just as easily enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together as you reminisce about the years gone by.