Bathroom flowers for small areas

One of the trickiest rooms to decorate is the bathroom. While we want to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible, we also want to make sure that this space is inviting and relaxing. This is where you will spend a fair amount of time on your daily beauty routine so you want to make it as pleasant as possible. The right bathroom flowers can help you do just that. Here are some important tips for bathroom floral décor.

Finding a spot

The first thing to consider before you shop for bathroom flowers is where you plan on displaying them. Fresh cut flowers should not be exposed to the sun because it will make them perish faster. If you have some space on the worktop around your bathroom sink, this could be perfect! Alternatively, if you have an empty shelf in your bathroom that is not exposed to the sun, this is another great place to add some colour. The bouquet does not need to be huge. In fact, the smaller the room, the smaller your arrangement should be. Bud flower arrangements contain a single, perfect stem but they have an amazing impact on the overall décor.

Consider silk

For those who are looking for bathroom flowers that will last longer than a couple of weeks, you can’t go wrong with silk or artificial blooms. Like fresh flowers, they should be kept out of direct sunlight. While they will not wilt or perish, the UV rays of the sun will cause the colours to fade prematurely. The only thing you need to remember is to dust your silk flowers from time to time so that hey don’t lose their natural look.

Potted plants

If you want something natural, like cut flowers, but you want them to last as long as silk blooms, potted plants could be the answer. Now, when choosing a plant, you need to make sure that it will enjoy the humid bathroom environment. You should also consider just how fast and how large the plant will grow. For this reason, many people choose orchids, succulents or even cacti. While succulents and cacti are known for growing in arid climates, they can do well in bathrooms provided they are not watered too frequently. Keep a close eye on the moisture level of the soil before you water and these plants will do just fine. They grow very slowly which is another advantage because it means that you will not need to change their pot or move them anytime soon.

Other decorative items

Decorating with bathroom flowers does not necessarily mean that you have to display cut blooms, silk flowers or potted plants. You can add other types of floral décor such as soaps with flower petals, gel candles with a floral theme and floral-themed hand towels. There are so many wonderful accessories that you can use to create the perfect floral theme.

Floral art

Another fantastic floral accessory you can add is art. Paintings and photographs of flowers can go a long way to adding colour and style to even the smallest areas of your home. All you need to do is find the right picture and frame before hanging it on an empty piece of wall in your bathroom.

Bathroom flowers can be used to decorate any bathroom, no matter the size or colour scheme. Even if you have plenty of colour in the room, you can always add white flowers to offset all that colour. Of course, white is a popular colour for bathrooms which means that you can add colourful blooms to these settings and they will never seem out of place.