4th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Your wedding anniversary is always an important milestone. After four years together, you have most likely settled into some kind of routine and comfort zone. You have probably enjoyed some achievements together as a couple too. If you are celebrating your 4th year of marriage or you would like to spoil another happy couple, there are a number of wonderful gift ideas. Anniversary flowers are always at the top of the list.

4th Anniversary flowers

Every year of marriage is associated with a different type of flower. For the fourth anniversary, the traditional flower is the hydrangea. This flower sends a message of appreciation and gratefulness which is a very important sentiment to share with your spouse during any point of your marriage. You could opt for a bouquet that includes fresh hydrangeas or you could order a hydrangea plant if you prefer.

4th Anniversary colour

Each year of marriage is also associated with a different colour. For this year of marriage, the colour is lime green. You might not be able to find lime green flowers but you can add some lime green accents in the form of ribbons, floral picks and so on. Ask you florist to include this colour in your anniversary bouquet and they will surely offer several options.

Traditional and Modern gifts

As for the traditional and modern gifts for this anniversary, you have a few options. In the USA, fruit and flowers are the traditional gift while linen and silk are the traditional gift in the UK. If you are already planning on sending flowers, you could also choose a fruit hamper or something luxurious made from silk for your spouse to wear. If you prefer a modern gift, you could choose an electrical appliance. Think of something that will make your spouse’s life easier.

No matter the gift or gifts you choose to send for this special occasion, you should never forget to include a personal message to accompany your anniversary flowers and gift. It’s always your personal message that will have the most impact of all.