Last minute birthday flower gifts

Whether due to budget issues or a touch of forgetfulness, if you find yourself doing some last minute birthday shopping, you are in luck. Birthday flowers make a fabulous gift and the recipient will never know that they were ordered at the last minute! Not sure which birthday flower gifts to choose? Here are some ideas.

Their favourites

To make any gift personal, even flowers, you need to think of the recipient. If you know that they love lilies, then a bouquet of fresh lilies will be the most amazing and thoughtful gift. If you do not know what their favourite bloom is, you could send a bouquet of flowers in their favourite colour. Either way, showing that you pay attention to the things they love is a sure way of making your birthday flower gifts personal every time.

Birthstone-inspired bouquets

You might know that there is a birthstone associated with every zodiac or star sign. Some florists get their inspiration from these precious stones to create spectacular birthday bouquets. How do they do this? Well, if the stone they are working with is the diamond, for example, they might add diamantes to the bouquet for some sparkle. If the stone is an emerald, they can incorporate plenty of greenery to highlight this beautiful colour. There are so many ways of lining up a floral bouquet with a particular theme or gemstone and professional florists have a way of working some amazing magic.

Flowers by month

Another lovely option is to choose flowers that are associated with that particular month. Every month has a flower associated with it which can make shopping for birthday flower gifts so much easier. Simply run a search online, find out what type of flower you need and discuss options with your florist. Remember, some flowers are better as potted plants and there are also those that might not be in season. However, your florist will certainly be able to help you make the best choice.

Apart from the flowers, you can also make your gift extra special by including something extra. Luxury chocolates, a birthday cake, birthday balloon or even a bottle of bubbly will really complete your gift. If you would like to make the delivery yourself, you can do so. Otherwise, you can have your florist deliver the birthday flowers on your behalf. Don’t forget to include a special message in the card attached!