Add some smiles to your bouquet

Whether you want to say Congratulations, Happy Birthday, or even just Have a great day, fresh flowers will always do the trick. If you would like to make your bouquet even more special, why not brighten it up even more with a fun smiley face flower pick? Here’s how to make your own with just a few supplies.

You need:

  • Thick paper (thin cardboard) in the colour of your choice
  • Smiley faces (stickers or printed out)
  • Flower template, stencil, or scalloped hole punch (at least 2 inch diameter)
  • Mod podge or water-resistant glue
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Wooden skewers


  • Start by preparing your flowers and smiley faces. If they need to be printed and/or cut out, do this before you proceed. You will need 2 flower shapes and 2 smiley faces for each pick.
  • Glue one smiley face to the middle of the one cardboard flower. Once in place, apply a layer of glue over the entire flower and smiley face to act as a water resistant layer. Make sure that you use a glue that dries clear! It might be white to start with, but it should clear once dry.
  • Repeat with the rest of your flowers and faces. Allow to dry completely before you continue.
  • Once dry, turn one of your flower faces upside down and apply glue to the back.
  • Place the wooden skewer in the middle before placing another smiley flower on top. This way, both sides of the pick will have a smiley face.
  • Allow to dry before adding to any of your floral displays.
  • Remember to always choose the right colour cardboard to suit the colour of the bouquet. They should stand out which means that you should not use yellow or the smiley face will blend in. Also, if you are using pink flowers, you might want to use green, dark pink, or another colour cardboard to make sure that your flower picks are seen.