4 tips for saving money on Mother’s Day flowers

After exhausting a fair share of your budget over the holidays and Valentine’s Day, it’s not long before Mother’s Day rolls around. While you might feel like you have little room to breathe as far as money goes, there are a number of ways of saving money on flowers for dear mum. Mother’s Day is an important day of the year and it’s time to give a little something back. Considering all she has done for you over the years, sending a bouquet of fresh flowers is the least you can do. However, if you are on a particularly tight budget, you might not be able to afford much. On the bright side, florist flowers need not cost a fortune. Keep the following guidelines in mind when placing your Mother’s Day flower order this year:

Seasonal blooms

When flowers are in season in your country, they are usually some of the most reasonably priced.  It is important that different flowers bloom at different times of the year.  If flowers are not in season, they can still be grown in artificial environments or imported from other countries. Either way, they prove a fair bit more expensive than if they are in season. Check for information on flowers online and find out which ones are in season before you approach your local florist. It’s good to be prepared before you do any shopping.  If you prefer placing your order with an online florist, they might have a section dedicated to seasonal flowers. If not, that list will still come in handy so that you know what to look out for. Online florists also usually set aside a special section for Mother’s Day flowers which can help save you time while choosing the ideal bouquet.

Less is more

The expression “less is more” is true in so many ways!  You may already know how a woman can appear more attractive when she wears less make-up or how she can appear more elegant if she wears less extravagant jewellery. Flowers are no different and you need not feel forced into buying the biggest bunch you lay your eyes on.  Instead, look for something within your price range that will appeal to your mother’s preferences. Smaller bouquets are also more practical if your mother lives in a smaller home or apartment with limited space.  You wouldn’t want to send a huge arrangement that will overcrowd her home.

Consider ordering online

If you have always used your local florist, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to make a change.  Even if you are just shopping around and comparing prices, it’s always good to explore all of your options. Who knows what kind of deals, discounts or coupons you might find! Browsing online is simple and you can do your shopping from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. So, while you’re winding down for the night, put your feet up and have a look around to see what’s on offer.

Don’t wait too long

If you want to save money on any gift, it’s always advisable that you do your shopping in advance. If you shop in advance, you will make a better informed decision.  Create a document on your computer or mobile device and save all of the links to your favourite Mother’s Day bouquets. When you are ready to make your purchase, you will have several options to choose from and it will make the process that much easier.