Sincere Sympathy Flowers

It’s not easy when somebody passes away.  It is especially difficult on that person’s family and close friends.  It is customary in many cultures for people to send flowers to the family of the deceased as a sign of respect and condolences.  The only other item that is usually sent to a heartbroken family is home-made food.  Since it’s not a joyful occurrence, no balloons, sweets or treats are sent.  The type of food that is sent will depend on your culture and the country you are from.  Each country has its own special dishes and so-called comfort foods.

In general a family, that has just lost somebody close to them, does not particularly feel like entertaining guests.  So the first thing that you should know about sending a sincere bouquet of sympathy flowers is to avoid visiting personally.  Many florists offer same day flower delivery or even free flower delivery as an incentive to customers.  As much as you would normally like to make the delivery yourself and give the family some moral support, this is better done at the funeral or memorial service.  In fact, families will agree that after the funeral, support from friends and extended family members seems to decrease dramatically.  Instead of forcing your visit on a grieving home, rather save your visits for the times when other people may be too busy and neglect to even pick up the phone.

Sympathy flowers need not be sent before or after the funeral.  In fact, how many people do you know who mourn the death of a loved one each year on the anniversary of their death?  It would definitely be appreciated if you sent the family a small bouquet every year.  Set up a standing order with your local or online florist and you won’t even need to plan ahead for this one.  That way, if life seems to get the better of you, your order will still go through and be delivered on time.  This is also handy for those overseas who require an international flower delivery.

Finally, when selecting sympathy flowers, you don’t have to choose white, cream or pastel colours.  In fact, it would be a much better idea to use brightly coloured blooms to help brighten up their home and, hopefully, their hearts at the same time.  Do your best to include a sincere message along with the flowers.  The first impact of the flower delivery will be when the recipient first receives them from the delivery person.  After that, they are sure to be curious as to who the flowers are from.  Make sure that your message is from the heart.  There really is nothing worse than a generic message of sympathy.  Offer your support and help and, most importantly, be there for them if they do call upon you for help!