Fun bright cocktail style flower arrangements

The warm weather is almost here and, along with it, we welcome longer days and even more reasons to decorate our homes and invite guests on a regular basis. Whether you are planning a party or simply want to give your home that summer feel, you should try making your very own cocktail style flower arrangements!

The first thing you will need is a cocktail class or perhaps even a set if you want to decorate a larger room. Plastic is best since they are cheaper and you can find them in a number of colours. You can even find martini glasses with built in LED lights!

Next, you will need to pack the glasses with some floral foam and don’t forget to make sure that the foam is properly saturated! You can simply add your flowers but the foam helps to hold the stems in place. This is particularly important because martini glasses are quite shallow and this means that your stems cannot be too long either.

You will need to choose a variety of tropical or exotic looking flowers as well as some dark green foliage. Start by adding a few of the broad dark leaves around the margin. You don’t need to hide the margin completely. In fact, in this arrangement, less is more!

Next up, add your flowers. Look for bright colours like red, orange, yellow, bright pink and so on. Lilies, Birds of Paradise, and anything along these lines will work wonderfully! Choose one large bloom to serve as your flower or use a cluster of three if you are using something like an asiatic lily. You can add roses too, if you like since they will add that touch of elegance and class.

Give your arrangement a bit of height by adding taller filler flowers. They should be small flowers like oncidium orchids. These flowers come in clusters all along the same stem. They are perfect for adding volume, height, colour, and texture.

Once you have completed your arrangements, you can add some accents to them. Place butterflies, ladybugs, starfish, or anything you like on a wooden or plastic stick and add it to the flowers! Make sure that you check the floral foam regularly to make sure that it does not dry out. If you want an arrangement that will last longer than a couple of weeks, consider silk flowers and you can skip the watering part!