What your favourite flower reveals about you

Flowers are known for having the ability to send messages and convey emotions. Another interesting fact that some people might not know is that your favourite flower can also hint towards your personality traits. Here are some popular flowers and, if any of these are your favourite, you might find a bit of yourself in their petals.


If roses are your favourite flower, you are one who appreciates tradition and you particularly value family and holiday traditions. Your goal is perfetion and you always strive to bring out the best in those around you.


When you think of daisies, it’s tough not to smile. These joyful blossoms are often loved by those with a more optimistic approach to life. If this is your favourite flower, you might have a way of making others happy and your high levels of energy is beautifully infectious.


These flowers symbolise those with a strong imagination and creativity. Change and exploration are things you crave and you’re always up for new experiences. You are loyal to your friends and you keep your promises.


Orchids and other tropical flowers indicate an experienced or worldly person who loves mystery and you have a way of drawing people in. You prefer having a small but intimate circle of friends so that you can focus on meaningful relationships.


Those who love lilies are usually nurturing in nature while also authoritative. If this is you, then you most likely tend to care for the needs of others and you take great pride in your appearance, relationships, and achievements.


A beautiful bloom known for lasting long as a cut flower. If this is your favourite of the bunch, then you are level-headed, practical, and realistic. Your friends often rely on you for advice.

Remember, when you want to send flowers to a loved one, you can never go wrong by sending a bunch of their favourite blooms! Even if you don’t stick to a single type of flower, ask your florist to include a cluster of these flowers to show your loved one how much you care.