This year’s popular green trend

Every year we see new floral trends develop and new designs become popular. This year we have seen an increased use of green and the results are absolutely stunning. Apart from the huge variety of foliage available, it’s also great to know that greenery is usually significantly cheaper than fresh flowers.

When you wish to create a predominantly green flower arrangement, it’s important to remember to use a few different types of foliage. It’s not only about the shades of green that you choose but also the various sizes of the leaves and their textures. Combining these elements along with a few specially selected flowers will provide the perfect visual effect without making your flowers seem overcrowded by leaves.

Even nature loves to overindulge in greenery. Take your favourite flowering plant or bush for example. You are bound to notice that there are far more leaves than petals yet this only makes the flowers stand out even more! In a vase, the greenery can act both as foliage and filler. There are even a number of green flowers that will add amazing texture to bring the bouquet together.

If you are trying to put together your own lush green bouquet, you will need to choose at least three different types of foliage as well as a few small flowers and a handful of larger blooms. Since the main colour you are using is green, you can use any colour flowers you like. White is a top choice but you could also opt for yellow or even purple. Keep your choices simple and let the foliage do its job to make the few flowers steal the show.

Just like flowers, remember to trim the stems of your foliage at an angle to make them last. Make sure that no leaves end up below the waterline and remove any wilting leaves as soon as you notice them.