What type of foliage is best?

Flower arrangements come in all shapes and sizes. Some include a single type of flower while others include a wide variety. Just as they vary when it comes to types of flowers, they also vary as far as foliage is concerned. Some flower arrangements include several types of foliage while others don’t have any at all. It all depends on the effect you are trying to create.

If you are creating a large or tall arrangement and you are looking for the right foliage, you could use something like ‘Copper’ Beech, Bush Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, or ‘Evereste’ Ninebark. Green Mist and Queen Anne’s Lace are also popular filler options. These are great fillers for a number of reasons including the fact that they are known to last really long. Queen Anne’s Lace is also popular for gardeners who like to grow their own flowers and fillers. When harvesting from this plant, make sure that you wear gloves. The sap can have some effects on your skin.

Scented geraniums are also very popular and there are many options from which to choose. It’s important that you never allow these blooms to wilt or they will not recover. Bells of Ireland add a great touch of green and they are often added to handheld bouquets. Flax, Cress, and Basil are also popular options for filling gaps between lowers. Basil is known for its strong scent and Flax can be used fresh or dried.

Cerinthe Major is known for having a long vase life and they also boast several colours on a single stem. These colours vary from silver and purple to blue and green. They are excellent for handheld posies and mixed bouquets. An unusual option for foliage is raspberry foliage. While these berries are delicious, their leaves are also stunning and they can last for more than two weeks in cut flower arrangements! Nigella pods come in several colours and they can be dried if you like. They are popular for autumn arrangements. If you are looking for something with a velvet texture, then amaranth is what you’re looking for.

Dill, Bupleurum, and Cardoon are also great options along with various grasses like Panicum millaceum, Panicum ‘Fiber Optic’, and Vilaoceum. For certain arrangements you can even add oats, rye, barley, and wheat. For horizontal arrangements, you could add sweet pea vines.

Other popular options include the well-known baby’s breath and beargrass. You can also add the foliage from fruit trees like lemons. Not only do they add that beautiful touch of green, but they also smell amazing!