Romantic flowers for your proposal plans

Are you planning on proposing within the next few weeks or months? If you want a positive outcome, you need to make sure that you get everything just right! This means that you need to choose the right time, the perfect spot and don’t forget the romantic flowers!

Consult a florist

First things first, you want to talk about your plans with your trusted florist. They will be able to help you find the perfect romantic flowers to go with your proposal. Red roses are often the top choice but they are not the only blooms out there. Other red flowers or even bold pink blooms can have just as great an effect. Especially if your partner’s favourite colour is pink.

Romantic roses

If you opt for roses, make sure that you understand the meanings associated with these romantic flowers. For example, if you choose 12 red roses, it is a declaration of love. 24 red roses create an even more impressive bouquet. You could even select the number of roses based on how many months or years you have been together and tell your partner about how each stem represents a particular period of time.

Present the bouquet

Make sure that you collect or have your romantic flowers delivered as close to the planned proposal as possible. So, if you are planning an evening proposal, you should have the flowers delivered that same day. If you are planning a morning proposal, you should have them delivered the day before. When storing flowers overnight, be sure to keep them in a cool, not cold, spot in a bucket or vase of fresh water and out of the sun. If you are planning a restaurant proposal, you can have the blooms delivered to the restaurant with instructions that it be placed on the table you have reserved.

Outdoor proposal

If you want a more private venue for your proposal, you can take your partner to your favourite outdoor spot. Pack a picnic basket and take along just one fresh flower stem. You can leave the rest of the bouquet at home so that you can present it to them once they say yes.

At home romance

At home proposals have become increasingly popular these days. While it might seem simple, it does require some extra effort. You want to make sure that your home is neat and tidy. You will also need to do some romantic decorating. This includes setting a bouquet of romantic flowers on your dinner table. You can choose to cook or order in – depending on your budget and preferences.

Remember, when it comes to romantic flowers, there are no set rules. Even a bouquet of daisies can be extremely romantic depending on the recipient. Take special note of their preferences before placing your flower order. This will show how much you care.