Zen garden design guide

If you want more tranquility in your life and home, you should consider creating your very own zen garden. These mini gardens are easy to make yourself and they will not take up too much space. They are a wonderful decorative addition to your home and you can even use them to spruce up your office if you like. Here’s what you need and steps to follow in order to assemble your garden.

You will need:

  • Mini rake
  • Container (this will determine the size of the zen garden)
  • White sand
  • Coloured sand to contrast the white sand
  • Air plants that do not require soil to grow.
  • Stones


  • Begin by choosing a container (glass or bamboo) that has two compartments. You want to fill one compartment with white sand and the other with coloured sand. This will create an almost yin yang effect.
  • Smooth the sand out in your zen garden using your mini rake
  • Add stones and other decorative trinkets to both sections of sand. Clusters look particularly natural.
  • Add some greenery in the form of your air plants. If you want to use regular cacti, you can place them in an area of your garden that contains potting soil rather than sand. Make sure that there is a divider between the potting soil area and white sand area. This way, you can water the plants lightly as needed without affecting the rest of the zen garden.
  • Use your rake again to create some fun patterns in the white sand.

The best part about a zen garden is that you can change the layout and design whenever you feel like it. In fact, it is extremely therapeutic to spend time tending to your garden. You might like to add some essential oils to the sand for some aromatherapy. Just make sure that the oils do not come in contact with any of your plants.