Wild flowers and how to keep them fresh

Wild flowers have a special kind of beauty and they can make a great bouquet if they are arranged just right. In fact, the key to arranging these types of blooms is to not overthink it. Simply bundle them together as if you just picked them in a local field. Of course, another concern that you must keep in mind is how to pick and condition these blooms so that you can get the most out of them. Here are some tips to ensure that they stay fresher for longer.

Selecting your blooms

First things first, you need to choose wild flowers that are still in partial bud form. You do not want to pick flowers that are fully opened. This is because you never know how much longer they will last. They could have just a few days left in them. Tight buds may not open once picked whereas partial buds have started to open. Remember to pick your flowers in the morning too. This will ensure that they are properly hydrated before they are cut from the plant.

Have a bucket handy

You never know how long it will take to pick all the wild flowers you need for your bouquet. This is why you should take a clean bucket with fresh water along with you. As you pick each stem, place it in the bucket. Now you can somewhat take your time as you select each bloom with care. Another great tip to remember is that you can still stop to pick flowers when you don’t have a bucket handy. All you need is a plastic bag. Pick your flowers and then wrap the flower heads in the bag until you get home. It helps prevent them from losing moisture.

Conditioning your stems

When you have gathered all your wild flowers, it’s time to condition them and arrange your display. Take each stem out and re,-cut the stems. At the same time, you should remove any lower leaves. Place your stems in a vase filled with clean water and don’t forget to add flower food to keep them looking their best.

Remember, wild flowers are just like those you find at your florist. The also require care and you will need to change the vase water regularly. You will also notice that some blooms naturally last longer than others. As soon as you see a stem start to wilt or die, it should be removed from the vase.